How It Works


METHOD 1: ROUND UP to the nearest dollar.


METHOD 2: Match customer donations, encouraging participation.

METHOD 3: % of revenue.

Our Company

METHOD 4: Charity as an Affiliate

METHOD 5: Surcharging

  • Processing fees are charged to Consumer during transaction, as an addition to the purchase. This is done as a fixed fee and offsets the cost of the credit card processing fees.
  • A portion of the difference between the fixed fee and the actual processing cost is donated to charity.
  • If for example the fixed fee is 4% and the base cost of a card a customer uses is only 2.2%, a portion of the difference (1.8%) goes to the Charity.
  • Promotional Opportunity: Merchants may claim, “A % of every transaction goes to ____ Charity.”
  • Benefit to Merchant: The merchant does not pay any credit card processing fees. Free credit card processing.

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